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SDPMart Premium Kichili Shamba Boiled Rice - 10 lbs - SDPMart

SDPMart Premium Kichili Shamba Boiled Rice - 10 lbs

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SDPMart takes the joyful moment to introduce Kichili Samba Boiled Rice which is ancient rice native to Tamil Nadu and is a white rice, thin variety, and a favorite of most people in Tamil Nadu. Regular consumption of Kichili Samba rice boosts the immune system in our body. It was a favourite rice for many kings in ancient times. This Kichili Samba is small in size and naturally cultivated.

Traditional Tamil folklore mentions Kichili Samba in songs as a rice variety which gives healthy shine to skin and strength to body.

Tamil: கிச்சிலி சம்பா புழுங்கல் அரிசி